Who We Are

Mouse Seeds, located at Windkeeper Farm, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada is a new, independent, small-scale, seed farm specializing in organic, open-pollinated, and locally-adapted varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed.

Kathy & OnionKatherine Rothermel has been growing seed crops for on-farm use since 2005.  She is a founding member of the Kingston and Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI), a member of the Ontario Vegetable Seed Producers Network and active in the Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network (ECOSGN).

She and her family moved to a twenty-five acre farm on Wolfe Island in the autumn of 2001 and started saving seed almost from the start.  Vegetables Unplugged Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project soon followed, supplying fresh vegetables and herbs to Wolfe Island and Kingston residents.  Connection to the local seed saving community developed through the Heirloom Seed Sanctuary (HSS) at the Sisters of Providence of St Vincent de Paul in Kingston. Some HSS seeds have become farm favourites.  Katherine is now developing participatory plant breeding projects with other local farmers and working towards a regional seed cooperative.


What We Do

Organic Farming Practices

Windkeeper Farm is devoted to restoring the land to a healthy, biologically diverse state by re-establishing hedgerows with native tree and shrub species, participating in the United Nations 50 Million Tree Program and returning the backfield to grassland.  By using ecological farming practices, Katherine has reduced erosion, improved soil biology and minimized water usage. She grows favourite vegetable, herb and flower varieties, plants cover crops to increase organic matter in the soil, and has established a small grove of fruit and nut trees. Her mixed farm also raises chickens and has had turkeys, ducks, pigs and sheep at various times over the years.

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